About Us

Kolin Klein Construction is a full-service construction company serving the greater Los Angeles area. We specialize in large scale remodeling and ground up construction for both residential and commercial projects. We take great pride in our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are committed to keeping you and your vision central to the construction process. As a general contracting company, we understand that we are doing more than just putting up walls and following codes, we are making your dreams come true by creating an expression of your vision. With more than twenty years' experience in the construction business, our knowledge of any situation you bring us is exceptional.

About Kolin

"I am a visionary and artist. Building is my craft. Producing an amazing work of art is easy for me. But I mostly attribute my success to long hours and micromanagement."
At the helm of the company is builder, designer, and dreamer Kolin Klein. With a background in architecture and engineering, he has extensive knowledge of all phases of a project. He is a master carpenter and woodworking artist. A southern California native growing up in Venice beach, Kolin is also a surfer and a nature lover who likes to incorporate natures organic lines in many of his designs, as well as bring a fresh creative outlook to all his projects. Kolin's reputation of straightforwardness, reliability, perfection, and collaborative visions has earned him long-standing relationships with all his clients. It is the reason he is one of the most trusted and fastest growing general contracting companies in the Los Angeles area.

At Kolin Klein Construction we believe our relationships are our number one priority. We strive for honesty, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of our work. We are driven by creativity, quality craftsmanship, personalized service, and design. Our goals are always to deliver ahead of schedule, under budget, and with an unprecedented level of quality.