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Home Additions in Los Angeles

This is Why You Should Consider a Home Addition for Your Los Angeles Property

Trends in real estate come and go, but one thing that always stays the same is how many people want to move to LA each year. California is the most productive economic region in America, and so real estate values seem set to keep rising for the next decade.

Unfortunately, that means if you’re currently feeling cramped in your current two-bedroom bungalow, odds are the thought of buying a new house is making you gulp. Sure, mortgage rates are low right now, but they won’t stay that way forever.

But there’s another way, one that many people don’t consider: a home addition. If you already love the home you’re living in but wish you had just a little more space, build up or out. You and your family won’t have to deal with the significant disruptions that moving brings, and you’ll add tons of value to your property, without needing to secure a new mortgage.

Home Additions Vs. Moving

Studies show moving is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can go through. And yet most of us willingly subject ourselves to it for the sake of getting a little more space or a closer location to work.

If space is what you need, look around you. You already have plenty on your property. Is your household two adults with no children? A sunroom addition or extension is what you likely need. Have kids or plan to in the future? Why not add a second story to your home? There’s no reason to completely uproot your life and go through all the disruption of relocating to a new space when you can take advantage of the area you already have.

On the surface, home additions might seem more expensive than moving. However, after you factor in mortgage fees, closing costs, paying the movers, and getting new insurance for all your stuff, you’re going to break even with the cost of a home addition.

The big difference? You keep all that money spent in resale value when you add a second story to your home. That’s just simple economics!

Home Additions for Aging Parents

Our parents worked hard to provide for us when we were young. But now that they’re getting up there in years, it seems like we’re expected to put them into a retirement home. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard horror stories about those places.

Instead of keeping your parents cooped up in what is mostly a fancier hospital, why not let them retain the autonomy they enjoy by building them an apartment on your property? You can keep a close eye on Mom and Dad without giving up the privacy you all enjoy.

Alternatively, you can add a separate suite and use it as a rental property when you don’t need it. In that case, your home addition will practically pay for itself!

Who Designs Home Additions?

Kolin Klein Construction is the top choice in Los Angeles for high-quality home additions done right. Call us for a consultation today!